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Betty Sargeant

HOW FAR IS UP? [2014-15]


betty sargeant awards

Winner ~ Consensus Innovation Award [2016]

Written, Illustrated, Animated + Designed by Betty Sargeant

How Far is Up

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'A mesmerizing storybook app about three friends who wonder how far it is to the moon, sun and even to the faraway galaxies beyond our own...

'Educational concepts are woven expertly into this dramatic title, featuring facts about space...

'Simple concepts, expertly demonstrated, make this a book app that stands out for its narrative technique' ~ Digital Storytime

How Far is Up

How Far Is Up entertains & educates

The app includes teacher's notes ~ covering literacy, numeracy, science, geography, technology

Children can enjoy the app whilst they are alone or share it alongside adults

Link to short animated film

Know Whats Inside logoHow Far is UP is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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