Laneway Road Painting Art


George Lane, St Kilda AUSTRALIA

Inspired by the music of G-Flip, QUEEN is road painting art that features a visualisation of a soundwave.

This road painting artwork features the shape of the audio signal from G-Flip’s vocals on their hit song Queen. The soundwave runs the 41 meter length of historic George Lane, St Kilda, taking advantage of the site’s elongated footprint. The background of the artwork features a geometric coloured pattern that represents the dynamic range of the song’s instrumentation. QUEEN is a visual response to iconic contemporary music that has its roots in St Kilda.

Betty Sargeant QUEEN, Road Painting, AUSTRALIA
Betty Sargeant QUEEN Road Painting Art AUSTRALIA 2023

QUEEN was commissioned to celebrate the Live N Local St Kilda music scene and the St Kilda Live Music Precinct.

This project was supported by City of Port Phillip.