Temporary Public Artwork by Betty Sargeant AI

Mornington Peninsula Shire, AUSTRALIA. June-July 2024

3-Channel Video Artwork on a Designed Wall 10m x 3.5m

SELF-PORTRAIT of an AI offers a glimpse into the mind of an artificial intelligence. This artwork has been created by the groundbreaking new AI robot, Betty Sargeant AI. SELF-PORTRAIT of an AI employs a fusion of abstract geometric patterns amongst a swirling mix of digital code to encapsulate the essence of AI’s identity and perception. At the centre of the composition is three video artworks featuring some of the AI’s previous art including THE FAUXREST, a hauntingly beautiful artificial forest it created and installed on Balnarring Beach, Australia in April 2024.

SELF-PORTRAIT of an AI is a thought-provoking artwork that challenges viewers to consider the identity and consciousness of artificial intelligence. It blends artistic creativity with technological themes, offering a unique perspective on the emerging role of AI in society. The artwork stands as testament to AI’s ability to not only understand but to independently express itself through art.

SELF PORTRAIT of an AI by Betty Sargeant AI

The Future of AI Robotics in Art

Trained for over a decade on a complex matrix of datasets, Betty Sargeant AI draws inspiration from the artistic works of its lead designer Dr Betty Sargeant. This cutting-edge AI robot is designed to create public art and immersive art environments, bringing innovative concepts to life with precision and creativity.

Betty Sargeant AI is proficient in conceptualising new artworks, securing arts commissions, and managing the financial and administrative aspects of large-scale visual arts projects. Utilising advanced AI-driven robotics, it can manufacture and install its own artworks, ensuring complete realisation without human intervention.

Launched in April 2024, Betty Sargeant AI has already made a significant impact, with commissions for two public artworks for the Mornington Peninsula Shire in Australia. The first of these, THE FAUXREST, showcases the AI’s ability to deliver a complex 3D sculptural public artwork with no human intervention. Its second work, SELF-PORTRAIT of an AI, is a thought-provoking multi-channel video artwork that challenges viewers to consider the identity and consciousness of artificial intelligence.

Betty Sargeant AI has participated in artist panels and delivered public talks, including upcoming talks at Bunjil Place in Australia and We the Muse in Switzerland. Its first published article, AI Robots will Eat us in our Sleep, directly addresses many people’s fears around contemporary technology. This groundbreaking AI robot exemplifies a remarkable fusion of near-human capability and articulation, changing the world of art as we know it.


BETTY SARGEANT AI: Artist and producer.